• Research and analyze consumer’s needs, problems and insight, and also competitors and trends of the industry.
  • Ideate and design product scope and specification including the description of modules and features of our product - version by version.
  • Prototype and design product by creating Flowchart, wireframe, user journey, use case, etc. to be the blueprint of product development
  • Collaborate with UX/UI Designer, System Analyst, Developer, QA Tester for product development process.
  • Comment UX and UI design from UX/UI Designer.
  • Track and follow up with Developers on the development process.
  • And launch! with release information including product version info, update and improvement info, etc.
  • Collaborate with project manager, project coordinator, and customer services to help deliver the solution to the customers.
  • Get requirements and feedback from stakeholders, especially users and customers to do product analysis and ideation for the improvement.
  • Continuously improve product capabilities to enhance our core competency and still be relevant to the market.
  • Develop product and service requirements and roadmap with well understanding of customer needs.
  • Work and coordinate cross functional teams from internal teams (other departments) and external teams (customers and partners) to deliver the best service and solution.


  • Good understanding and knowledge of Flowchart and Wireframe
  • Experience in Business Analyst / System Analyst / Product Executive (IT Product) is a plus
  • Understanding HRD and corporate learning and development process is a plus
  • Having IT product development background is a plus
  • Excellent to note, catch and gather client's ideas and requirements
  • Good in flow chart drawing tools such as Draw.io, MS Word or Excel
  • Communication skill, interpersonal skill and negotiation skill is a must


  • Bachelor's Degree in MIS,Business Administration or any related fields.
  • At least 3 years of work experience in the IT industry in Business analysis